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January 3, 2022


THETA SCAN to Solidify Memories While You’re Sleeping!

THETA SCAN is an important memory technique —and one of our favorites!

Theta is a brainwave that we can use to our advantage. Theta state happens as we start to drift off to sleep—and it’s the best time to review things we want to remember long term. During the day we’re creating short-term memory, not long-term memory. As you probably know, we sleep and dream because our brains need time to recover and process the day’s events. It’s also when an area of our brain called the hippocampus decides what needs to be stored in long-term memory. And we can actually guide the hippocampus by letting it know what’s important enough to move into long-term memory!

To take advantage of your brain’s activity at night, let go of electronic games, cell phones, and television just before you go to sleep—what you’re learning there is not what you want your brain to move into long-term memory! Instead, just before you go to sleep quickly scan your notes about what you learned during the day and you’ll be helping your brain to move it into your long-term memory. And we do mean scan—this is a quick review, not a deep read!

It might take you less than five minutes or a few minutes more, but the rewards are great. Make sure it’s the last thing that goes into your brain before you go to sleep and you’ll be sending a valuable message to your brain: remember this—it’s important! Your brain will get the message and process THAT information during the night instead of an electronic game or late text messages. By choosing what you want your brain to focus on during the night ahead, you will be rewarded with amazing long-term memory!

Science Fair Judges Needed


What I really need is parent volunteers to come and be judges. We will do a short training for you to know how to judge effectively. It is so much help when you volunteer! Please send me a text if you can judge 8016231891 or you can sign up at https://www.trackitforward.com/site/377207/event/626066

The science fair will be held on January 21st starting in the morning and going to lunch. Students should have experiments completed and be writing their investigation follow-ups and beginning the construction of their display boards. Next week I will send home a couple of examples of what boards look like.


Mr. Thompson

Progress Reports Were Emailed Today

Please watch for your child's progress report that was emailed this morning. The email is coming from Mastery Connect.
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