Welcome to College Composition II

It's great to virtually meet you!


Welcome to the class and please call me Emily. I'm excited to meet each of you and spend the term helping you hone your writing skills.

I went to college at the Evergreen State College in Washington and did my master's degree at the University of Oregon. I have also been slowly working on a second master's degree in psychology through Purdue Global's Gift of Knowledge program.

I live in Durango, Colorado with my family, who is featured below: Joey (my husband), Sowah (8), and Ellie (4). I spend most of my spare time working in my garden or playing with my kids. I am trying to turn my backyard into an edible landscape filled with healthy perennial vegetables and fruit trees. I planted a semi-dwarf apple, cherry, and peach tree last year and am hoping to get some fruit out of it soon.

I hope you will share your own photos in our unit 1 discussion so that we can put faces to names.

Please read everything below. I will send out weekly announcements in this format and they will be your lifeline for all important things each week.

Here's to a wonderful term together!

With Warmth,


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Essential Course Details

  • Check your PG student email every 24 hours! I use email a lot!

  • Don't underestimate the potential of a good persuasive argument. Effective writing has the power to bring about real change!

  • Read the weekly announcements!

  • Seminar PowerPoints will be emailed on Wednesdays in the unit announcement. Feel free to look the presentation over to get a head start.

  • If you have had issues with deadlines in the past, let's talk. Email me for a conference and we can set aside some time to come up with a collaborative plan based on what works for you.

  • Reach out to me if you need help, feel stumped, or even just want to connect.

  • There is no textbook for our class. Our readings are listed in the weekly Learning Activities. Do these first each week!

  • Be kind to yourself. If you have doubts about your writing skills, welcome to the club! I have yet to meet a writer that doesn't. :)

College Composition II Video Overview

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