Structure of the Executive Branch

By: Megan Johnston and Grace Leeth

The line of Executive branch

Top 6 that everyone should know..

Vice President- Speaker Of the House- President Pro tempore of the Senate-Secretary of State- Secretary of Treasury- Secretary of Defense

VP Responsibilities

The major responsibilities of the VP is to be ready at any moment notice to assume the Presidency if the President is unable to perform his duties. HIs

Influence Over Time:

President of the Senate

Helps decide presidential disability

“President in waiting”

More used in modern policies and diplomacy

President's Cabinet

What leaders make up the Presidential cabinet:

Vice President,

Secretary of Departments,

Other Chief Advisors

They are in charge of the day to day enforcements and administration of federal laws.

Purpose and Duty of the Cabinet

National Security Council

Office Management and Budget

They assist the president is making the federal budget for the year. They check over the administration by using federal agencies.
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Federal Bureaucracy

Consists of the 500 departments, agencies, administrations, authorities, and commissions that carry out jobs given to them by Congress.
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Federal Agencies Within the Department

Independent Agencies

Regulatory Comissions

Supervise significant industries critical to America

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