Themes of Anne frank

In the diary of Anne frank we see the theme "hope can carry you through tough times" is seen throughout like when no one thought the would make it out of the annex but Anne had hope she would make it out I know this because she said "I'd cut my throat first! I'd open my veins! I'm going to Paris..." (387). Even though no one thought they would make it out Anne thought she would which made her stay in the annex a lot better. Another example of this theme is shown when. "Mr frank the most wonderful news the invasion has begun" they thought that the allies were coming to free them which gave them hope. A third example of this theme is and yesterday I finished city's van mar belts latest book. I think she is a first class writer. I shall definitely let my children read her. Which shows that she had hope she was going to make it out.

Another theme In the diary of Anne frank was that "people need courage to do the right thing." One example is the character Mr. Kraler hiding the Jews, the Frank's and Vaan Dans. "Please. Please you make us sound heroic. It isn't that at all. We simply don't like the nazis."(391). Another example is the character Mr. Frank when he let the Vaan dans and Mr. Dussel stay in the annex. "Forgive me I have to hurry. I've got to go to the other side of town to get some ration books for you."(374). Ration books of stamps or coupons given out by the government to