The Road to Perseverance

By: Natalie Rosenberg

Definition of Perseverance

Perseverance is when your facing adversity, when your goal seems impossible but you keep trying. When you persevere you need to be determined and resilient.
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A rose growing from the crack in a side walk is one great example of perseverance.


In the book, “The Giver”, Jonas, an eleven year old boy lives in a town called “The Community”. In the community, the people have no bad memories as well as any memories that would fill one with emotion. For example, the memory of sledding fills someone with joy, therefore, none of the citizens would have that memory. When Jonas gets his new job, the receiver, he learns of all these memories. He decides to flee the community, and venture out to the “deactivation line”. In order to do this, Jonas needs to pass through many climates that are unknown to him, such as a frozen tundra or a desert. Jonas has to be unyielding to do this.

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This is one of the scenes in The Giver where Jonas faces adversity.

Mia-cause and effect

In the book, “A mango Shaped Space” Mia is born with Synesthesia, a condition where someone can connect sounds with color and shape. This causes many events to happen for Mia. Because of her condition, Mia has trouble with subjects such as math and spanish. In order to pass these subjects she needs to have a strong resolve, in order to be determined to pass. She also hides the fact that she has this condition, and when she tells her best friend, she gets mad at Mia because she thought Mia should of told her sooner. Therefore, Mia lost one of her friends due to this. Mia has to be resilient, so she can keep her life on track.This also causes Mia to go to a neurologist, who tells her about a Synesthesia website. Mia goes on this website and finds some overwhelming information. She can connect with other people with Synesthesia. As a result, Synesthesia also helps Mia make new friends. Mia also went to an acupuncture clinic to enhance her Synesthesia, the fact that she has Synesthesia causes her want to enhance her abilities. Mia also goes to a Synesthesia meeting where she learns more about her condition. Synesthesia causes some adversities in Mia’s life, therefore, she must be resilient to persevere through her adversities in life.

Sweet smell of success-problem and solution

In the text “The Sweet Smell of Success”, John quits his job to start selling glazed nuts. Johns business was inadequate, so he was in a lot of financial trouble. His business wasnt going well because he was being ruled out by competition. To try to get past this, John thought of a new creative name and display. It was a great idea, but it unfortunately still did not work. John then went to Universal studios in Orlando. This was another brilliant idea, but the staff at Universal did not want John to sell there. To try to get past this, John called the vice president everyday for a month. After a while, the vice president finally gave in and let John come in for a job interview. John knew this was going to be a challenge, so he brought in his product and let everyone try it. John succeeded in this and finally got his job. In order to get past all his adversities, John had to be resilient. He couldn't have given up at his first adversity or he would go bankrupt.

Chronological order:

John now has annual sales of over one million dollars.
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Venn diagram-both section

Both- They both worked for civil rights.

Note: the first circle describes Eleanor Roosevelt, the second describes Jackie Robinson.

Vocab Word: Petty

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Flow Chart

Vocab Word: Ambition


We can learn a lot from other people's perseverance in order to over come adversity. In the "Sweet Smell of Success" John never tries to find another way to make money. This shows us that when were trying to reach a goal, we can't stop trying to succeed at the first adversity we face. We need to be resilient when we fail and we need ambition to persevere