Kite Fighting

Selene Cullen,Michael Petturuti, Cole Loneker, Brenna Ritter

What is Kite Fighting?

Kite fighting is trying to fly a kite with a special wire string designed to break the strings of other kites and set them free. Small kites are flown very close together. The objective of kite fighting is to have the last kite standing and it can be played individually or in teams.

Who Participates in Kite Fighting?

Only men are allowed to participate in kite fighting. In each kite fight, there are kite flyers and kite runners. The kite runner runs after the kites that got cut. The kite runner also has to release the kite line fast to allow the flyer to maneuver the kite.

How is this important to Afghani Culture?

Kite fighting unifies all Afghani culture. Each town has its own kite fighting champion, and winning kite fights brought honor to the family and neighborhood of the victor. Kite flying is seen as an art rather than a sport. Afghans are also reminded of the peaceful times before the Taliban by kite fighting.