Tigua Tribe

By Cool Dude Caleb

Life for the Tigua Tribe

The Tigua lived in the hot and dry Mountains and Basins region. They built their homes from adobe bricks which were made from soil, water and straw. The home of the Tigua was named Ysleta.

Survival Methods of the Tigua

The Tigua ate corn, beans and squash which was obtained by farming crops. They lived in Pueblo cities with houses made from adobe bricks. Adobe bricks are made from soil, water and straw. They used bows and arrows for the occasional hunt even though they were mostly farmers, they used sticks to poke holes in the ground and bone hoes to irrigate their land

Special Traditions of the Tigua

The Tigua adopted the Christian religion from the Spanish and built churches in their home, Ysleta.

Leadership of the Tigua

The cacique, elected by the tribal council is the religious leader and the administrative officer is the governor, which is also elected by the tribal council

Where they live

They lived in Isleta in New Mexico until they were drove out and then they moved to modern day El Paso which they called Ysleta. They are still living in a reservation there today.

Fun facts

They used to speak Tiwa, which is now rare in Texas.

They are the only Puebloan tribe that still lives in Texas.

They have the oldest continuous settlement in Texas