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Weekly What's Up

Best Practices Smackdown <Friday>

We have heard amazing discussions all over campus about great ways to end the year. This Friday in PD we will share out ending well strategies in a Smackdown format.

What is a smackdown?

A smackdown is a brief (1 min or less) share out of a strategy, handout, resource, etc that can be used in your classroom. The idea is that everyone will have an opportunity to share and by the end of 30ish minutes we will all walk away with 30 new ideas. Some you will use, some you can save for next year, some you can ditch- completely up to you! You will note the name of the person that shared the strategy and follow up with them for more information of implementation, if necessary.

So what is my deliverable?

Please come to PD on Friday with a strategy, handout, resource, etc to share in 1 min or less.

PD Agenda Friday May 27th

1:30 Opening

1:45 Preview Night prep

1:55 End of Year PLP prep

2:05 Ending the Year Well Best Practices Smackdown

2:45 Closing

At the Mira Vista meeting regarding Adams we expressed our desire to collaborate with teachers in WCCUSD and that we have an open door policy for our classrooms and PD. One teacher, Robert Kasner, has taken us up on that offer and will be joining us for PD on Friday. Let's make him feel welcome!

Weekly What's Happening 5/30-6/3

Let's hear it for a 3 day weekend and the arrival of June! Let's finish strong!

Monday 5/30

  • No School

Wednesday 6/1

  • 3rd grade Angel Island fieldtrip
  • Lower School Preview Night

Thursday 6/2

  • 6th grade canoeing fieldtrip
  • 7th grade Tilden Park fieldtrip
  • 3rd grade Angel Island fieldtrip
  • Upper School Preview Night

Friday 6/3

  • 6th grade canoeing fieldtrip

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Shout Outs

Karin for advising the 7th grade yearbook committee- the books are amazing!

Ms. Annie, Susie, Patsy, and all staff involved with the communications around the Adams meeting tonight!

Gaby for holding it down in the office- you juggle so much every day!

All the students in Reading Partners for completing the program and sharing their progress at the end of year celebration!

See you at the board meeting!

Wednesday, May 25th, 6:30pm

3400 Macdonald Ave, Richmond, CA 94805