How to become a meteorologist NOW!


AKA weatherman or girl. Meteorologist predict the weather for our safety and help us plan our daily activities

Benifits and Facts

The weather forecast helps with agriculture. Such as when it is a good time to plant crops or when is it a good time to send a boat or plane to ship goods and needs. If meteorologist weren't around we wouldn't be as safe and our economic structure wouldn't be as strong.


Requirement you want to become a meteorologist you have to have a fascination in weather and you need to be willing to take risks. In high school you need to take the following classes: Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Algebra, Geometry and if possible Calculus. In College you need a Bachelor's Degree.

On the Job

The annual salary for meteorologists is $89, 790.
The projected job growth for a meteorologist is 7% to %13 in 2010-2020.
Companies that hire: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association,National Atmospheric and Space Administration, Lockheed Martin