Will You be Writing Final Papers?

Please book your tutoring appointment now!

Appointments are going fast!

The Writing & Speaking Center is currently experiencing unprecedented demand for tutorials, and our schedule is routinely filling. If you anticipate needing an appointment before the end of the semester, please book one as soon as possible. You can always cancel appointments if you decide you do not need them, so we strongly encourage you to schedule appointments far in advance. Early scheduling also helps us anticipate demand and adjust our hours accordingly.

Don't you offer Walk-In appointments?

Yes, you can always stop by the Center to see if a tutor is available. However, we do not have enough tutors to staff separate Walk-In hours, so tutors are often already occupied with scheduled appointments or other tasks. We assist as many Walk-Ins as possible, but scheduled appointments are the best way to guarantee a tutorial.

We will do our best to keep up with demand, but scheduling early greatly improves our ability to do that. Thanks for your help!