Stronger By The Week

June 12, 2015


A shout out to our fantastic Strong Team for all of their hard work everyday! Also a special note of thanks to many team members that have taken on additional duties. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!
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Business Development & Operations

Highlights -

- Bird of Prey, start-up happening next week

- Perry Ranch kick-off meeting happening today, June 12

- Jared has been in the field this week

- Triple Crown conversion meetings are going great!

- Awarded 3 new power line jobs with Cimarex

- Bids out on 7 new power line jobs with Cimarex

- Llano school job - 1st coordination meeting on June 22

- Change order approved for Ferguson Power Plant

- Re-bid baseball and softball fields

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Strong People and Support

Highlights -

- Boyd: Church job on hold. Three Rivers projected completion is 3 Weeks

- Scott: Estimating and mapping for Cimarex PWL job. Met with Cimarex on 6/10

- Shane: Estimating, coordinating jobs in SVC department, technical support to guys in field

- Sarah: Onboarded SVC helper on 6/8.

- Accounting is closing out the month of May

Looking Ahead:

- Sarah is onboarding SVC helper on 6/16

- Scott is meeting with Cimarex in Midland on 6/18

- Shane will visit South Cross Energy on 6/18


- Marble Falls ISD project is DONE!

- Awarded Oakhurst job

- Released on Cimarex PWL job

- Sarah taking over mapping and project directions. Thank you Sarah for all that you do!

- Kudos to guys out at the Bird of Prey for kicking butt and taking names! Great job!


Safety Tip of the week

Ladder safety:

Check your ladders for broken or cracked steps, loose hinges, cracks in side rails, and missing rubber feet. Make sure when setting up a step ladder to fully lock the braces, never stand on the top or first step down from the top, and always set on firm ground.

“Be careful out there”

Highlights -

- Working on SDS sheets

- Boyd and Scott will be helping out with the bonus incentive inspections


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HIghlights -

- Getting templates from Century Graphics

- Printer is set up at Monahan's shop

- Unit numbers for trailers and equipment are getting assigned

- Casey has been on a roll with FTE tickets! Way to go Casey!

- Knuckle boom is ready to use!

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Strong Electric

MISSION: To be the most client-focused electrical construction company in America through professional management.

VISION: To be the preferred electrical construction company based on client satisfaction.