Runt's Wild Adventure

By: Kenzie Shields

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Runt's Wild Adventure

It's is about a dog that is named Runt and he has a owner named Seth. He wants to take an adventure to United States of America. Runt is a dog that can fly anywhere because he drinks Red Bull and when he gets to america he discovers that there is no more gas. There were no cars on the streets and no more pollution. The humans looked like they were adjusting well. As my adventure was close to end in america so I went back home and go back to the things that I did with Seth.

My self

My name is Kenzie Shields I have two older brothers and I'm also the youngest of the family. I life in West Union, IA, with my parents. I wrote this story because I was told to and for my Creative Writing class. I am very artist to a certain extent and I enjoy work at my job.