Do you Really Have an Illness?

(stop misusing these terms!) by Rainen Ratto

Mental Illnesses are Serious

-Mental illnesses are often over-exaggerated sometimes by ignorance and other times in hurtful manors.

-Common illnesses such as Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety &/or Panic disorder, and OCD are some of the most commonly misused terms.

-Before throwing out a term or illness you should at least know what side effects of the disorder really are, such as what it causes or can be caused by.

You've inspired us again, Kylie.

Kylie gives us the perfect example of incorrectly using a term. No you are not bipolar for changing your mind or thinking you made a bad choice. Being bipolar is more than just changing your mind every two minutes. Through research, I've learned that bipolar disorder is going days without sleeping or multiple days with too much sleep. Bipolar disorder includes having too much energy and talking 90mph to going periods of time where you're extremely happy followed by times when you're extremely irritable. So no, Kylie, you're not bipolar for regretting dying your hair. No need to cry though, you've got more than enough money to fix and treat.

Anxiety/panic disorder!

Whoa! Crazy! Betcha didn't know this was actually considered a disorder!

Anxiety is a thing people get on occasion, but is also a disorder that people have!

-Constantly hear people say stuff like "man my laptop wouldn't turn on for like 5 minutes.. it gave me so much anxiety"

-No! you've misused the term

-People can get anxiety, but just because you get it on occasion does not mean you have an anxiety disorder.

-I don't have a problem mentioning that I have severe anxiety, so doing something like this really makes my body have weird reactions, and (for me at least) it is the same with panic attacks.

Are you actually depressed that you dropped your ice cream?


-Being sad and being depressed are two different things! For some reason people always get them mixed up which causes large amounts of the population to misuse or misdiagnose. Depression is something that lasts more than the 5 minutes you were sad you dropped your ice cream.