Out of My Mind By: Sharon Draper

Project done by Josie Aguilar


The book out of my mind take place in 2011 and 2012 in Southwest Ohio. There are multiple places where the story takes place with detail like, Melodies house, Spaulding Street Elementary, Mrs. V's house, an airport, and a Quiz team competition. The picture is close to as decribed to Mrs. V's house.

Main Characer

The main character from the book Out of My Mind is a 11 year old girl named Melody. Melody has a disability called Cerebral Palsey, meaning she cant move her body and even her mouth which keeps her from ever talking. Although Melody has this disability Melody has Photographic memory. She has a brain that only one in a million have, but no one knows of this. Her Cerebral Palsey keeps her stuck in her head this leaving her out of her mind.


The conflict In the book is basically having Melody trying to communicate with others. Her trying to tell them what she wants, needs, and how she feels. Others like to look down on her as if she's nothing. Trying to tell others she smart and that shes not a preschooler.

A Rising Action

This is the most exciting thing Melody has ever wanted, needed, she finally gets to talk. Well not exactly. One day her friend Rose came in with a computer making Melody want one, but just any one, one that was designed for people like her. So she and her assistant Catherine help her look for the right one. They found one called the meditalker. Which was a machine that spoke word when ever she typed them. When her parents ordered her one she was excited the happiest day of her life, she could now communicate with others. When the packaged arrived, she hooked it up right away and said to her parents she loved them for the very first time in her life.

This is a picture of a meditalker

Another Rising Action

When Melody takes a Quiz to enter a competition that takes the smartest kids in 5th and 6th kids into a national championship she flips out when she got the highest quiz grade. But not everybody is thrilled. They all believe that she cheated to get her there. They later take retest and she made it on the team that get to go to nationals. This could get to be her shot to get others to believe shes smarter than a preschooler and that she like everybody else.

This is a picture if what the national competition is

The Resoluion

In the end, Melody is one with many obstacles in her way. She has to solve a puzzle without using the picture on the box to help her. She has lots to say and one thumb to say it all with, but she could never been more without the ones who helped her along the way. She can say whats on her mind, not all and it takes her a while, but others can now understand whats going on inside that mind of hers.