Primary Points to Ponder

November 18-22

So Thankful

As we move into this season of Thanksgiving, we just want to express how thankful we are to work with a group of women who are so focused on making every child successful.

Five more days to help a student reach a goal before Thanksgiving break!

We Love You!

Cristi & Ruthie

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Copier Issues? Need Toner? Email Regina!

Notes from the Nurse

From Jan Goldberg, Head Nurse:

Any student who goes to the nurse must have a nurse pass filled out. This was created by the district safety committee and is mandatory.

On Thursday, November 14 there was a sub nurse:

Only 1 in 5 students had a nurse's pass.

Most students didn't know their names, teachers names, etc.

Many didn't know they were at the nurse. In some cases the teacher didn't even know the student was in the office.

If you need passes, they are on the district website, staff notebook, and paper copies ar by the mailboxes.

By each playground door, there are first aid kits for cuts, scrapes, etc. If you are out of band-aids in your classroom, let nurse know so she can replace them. Minor injuries can be handled by a teacher and don't need to be sent to the nurse.

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K Tier 2 Push-in

This week starts our first full week of Tier 2 push in for K with Garcia and Jackson. A few things to remember:

*The classroom teacher is responsible for providing a list of students to work with as well as what they are working on. Ideas of groups could include: vocabulary, phonemic awareness, letter names/sounds, sight words, etc. If you need help identifying students/ideas for what the groups are working on, please check with Sage.

*These are push in groups, which means that Jackson and Garcia will pull groups inside your classroom.

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November 22 Staff Luncheon

Please sign up to bring your favorite Thanksgiving and Comfort foods.

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Baby Richardson Shower

November 20 during faculty learning

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Painting with a Twist December 12

Thank you Mrs. Pearce for setting this up!

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The Dock

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Primary Calendar of Events

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Primary Staff Notebook

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Google Classroom

Primary 2019-2020 Classcode is eki1vlo. We will use this for trainings that can be done on your own time.

Parent Liaison Referral Form

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Student Recognition per Month

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Professional Development Opportunities

Teacher to Teacher Observation

You must complete one a semester.

CLI Engage Training

You can earn your CDA through here if you are interested.

Project ETELL Registration

This is a route to begun ESL or bilingual certified with no cost to you.

SIOP Texas Gateway Training

All staff who work directly with students must complete this training.

TEA Gateway Course

This has self-paced course on different programs from the Texas education Agency.

SeeSaw PD in your PJs

This has links to video with training on how to use different parts of Seesaw Learning Journal

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