Buddhium/ Hinduisum

The differences and the similarities

Jumping in to it

Picture this you are looking for a new religion. Well Hinduism and Buddhism are so great and they have a beautiful religion. Before you decide lets get you wrapped up in information. Lets go to India.


Buddhism is a beautiful religion. Basically Buddhism is a religion that focuses on finding your inner peace. This is a religion that guides us to find happiness, but Buddhism is a religion with no god. They have an eight fold path. The Buddhism religion is a passed on living tradition. Ancient wisdom is really relevant and useful today as it was centuries ago on its long history journey.


Hinduism is the religion that you get reborn till you are perfect and go up a level and one day you will go to Brahman. If you have bad karma you go down a level. Or if you keep going down and you reach the animal stage then you stay there. They are polytheistic and that means they have more than one god. There three major gods: Brahman, Shiva, and Vishnu.

More about them

Now the big issue the things they have in common and their differences. They both spread in Egypt and they both believe in reincarnation. The differences are that Buddhism has no god and Hinduism has more than on god. Buddhism believe in the Eight fold path to their after life. Then Hinduism believe in the caste system to their after life.

To Pull it Together

Hinduism and Buddhism are both really beautiful religions. I hope that you pick the right one for you. Or even your family.