Connect Your Device to WiFi!

Taught by Mr. Smith and Mrs. Jane

Step by Step guide

First, determine which device operating system you are running.

  1. Students with a Mac computer, raise their hands.
  2. Students with a PC running windows, raise their hands.
  3. Everyone look for the wifi screen in the bottom right, or top left hand side of their computer.
  4. Raise your hand if you can not find the icon
  5. The icon looks like the one pictured above.
  6. Select, 'Alps Elementary Secure Student'
  7. Enter the password "4learning' exactly as pictured
  8. Once you have connected to wifi, try surfing the web like you would at home
  9. Go to
  10. Click on 'Web surfing guidelines'
  11. Read all of the guidelines
  12. Each student is now required to ask a question about one of the guidelines
  13. We will discuss why each guideline/rule is required and what good it will do for our school and our student's experience learning.
  14. Finished, you are now allowed to use the school's WiFi to help with every aspect of your education while attending.
  15. Congratulations!