By: Jenna Moon


caldecott award

this book won its award in 1940

Author/ illustrator

Ludwig Belemans wrote and illustrated the book Madeline in 1935.

the book was made for children to love the story about an little girl that has to get her appendix taken out.

Ludwig Bemelmans life

  1. Ludwig Bemelmans was born on April27,1898.
  2. He started writing books in 1934.
  3. He wrote and illustrated madeline in 1935.
  4. Bemelmans died on october1,1962.
  5. He was buried in arlington national grave section 43 grave 2618.

the 3-4 sentences of comparing

The book why do mosquitoes buss in peoples ear is different because the sun has a face. The pictures are very diffrent because the pics are very different by the the illustrators have different ideas. The books were very different.


The book Madeline is written and illustrated by Ludwig Bemelmans. The book is about this girl that has to get her appendix taken out. Their is 12 girls in an old house that do almost every thing in two straight lines. But when Madeline gets her appendix taken out their is only 11 girls.

Madeline Book Illustrated Narration