Fourth Grade Newsletter


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This week we are continuing our work on narrative fiction. Here are some strategies we will focus on:

- Readers often look back on their books to cement their comprehension. They retell, the part of the book they just read. Then, go back and summarize the earlier parts that relate to just that part.

- Readers read intensely, and not just with their eyes. Readers use everything-- the images, the mood, the sounds-- to make movies in their minds as they read.

- Readers use the learning progressions to compare what 3rd graders did to what 4th grade readers do and set goals


Last week we generated tons of ideas for narrative writing. This week we will start developing seed story ideas. Students will learn that all the tools they used to revise and edit their last piece of writing can now become part of what they naturally always do from the beginning of writing. To get to the heart of the story students will ask themselves, "What is this story REALLY about?" Finally we will study great authors like Pam Munoz Ryan, Roald Dahl, or Jane Yolen to learn writing tricks and improve our own work.

Social Studies

In social studies we will consider what Paleoamericans used to survive. We will think about their tools, hunting, and farming. We will also begin studying the tribes that resided in the Coastal Plains region of Texas. See the attached link to read about the Texas Indians of the Gulf Coastal Plains


This week in math, students will be using their knowledge of place value to compare and order decimals into the hundredths place.

Comparing Decimals:


Students are classifying matter this week based on physical properties. Students will learn how to measure the volume of irregular objects. Students will take their first science test on Wednesday, September 30 over science safety, science tools, and matter and its properties.

Matter for kids:

Volume of Irregular Solids: