A Peek at the Week

May 19, 2019

The 2018-2019 Race

We have run the race this year, and we are almost at the finish line! You are 13 days away from the final day with your kids- unless you are looping. :-) I hope you will find moments with your class over the next 13 days to just enjoy one another. Do some things you may have not felt the freedom to do like read a book under a tree somewhere on our campus, add some arts and crafts into your lessons, or have your class create a video about your time together to share with your families. Just some ideas to make the next 13 days joy filled. :-)

This is field trip week! Pray for safe travels for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades as they travel to Asheville, Columbia, and Pigeon Forge.

Ni Riddle

Friday was so busy with Spring Fling, but I did want to let you know that Ni was the precious soul who provided the strawberries and toppings for you all. I knew you would want to thank her for thinking of us!

End of Year Conferences

We would like to meet for end of year conferences briefly with all of you. The schedule for this week is below:

5/20: 8:15- Stephanie, 9:05- Gretchen, 9:55- Christy H.

5/21: 8:15- Lori, 9:05- Emalie

5/22: 8:15- Pam, 9:55- Meagan

5/23: 9:05- Lindsey, 9:55- Jennifer C.

5/24: 8:15- Sam

Let me know if you see any conflicts with the dates and times.

Thank you!

Thank you so very much for helping with the dance and/or attending the dance Friday night after a very exhausting week! Everyone in the our building was beyond tired after testing, and I know it wasn't easy to come back on a Friday night. It truly was a blessing to me to see how ALIVE church worked many days to make that night special for our girls and their daddies. It was an awesome time! I am sure it would mean a lot to Kehl to hear from some of you thanking him and his church for loving us. :-)

This week:

5/20: Fitness Gram Site Visit

5/21: K4 Last Day, 4th grade to Biltmore

5/22: 3rd grade to Columbia

5/23: 5th grade to Pigeon Forge

5/24: Palmetto High Graduation, Field Day

To Do List:

*Keep leveling. Send me your levels when you are finished if you have not already done so.

*Continue completing profile cards

See you tomorrow!