Fourth Grade Library Newsletter

Friday, October 10

Great week in library!

This week, while visiting the library, fourth graders and I read in our chapter book we have been working on. Two classes are reading Pie by Sarah Weeks and one is reading Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes. It has been really fun to watch even the ones that are reluctant to read the book of choice become completely enthralled in the worlds created by these two novels.

We have been meeting or classes have been working independently on keyboarding skills. We have been using the online learning tool: and kids each have a log in and password for their accounts. The username is their first name-last name and the password is Clippers@lunchnumber (whatever their individual number is). If you have questions about using this website or accessing it from home please feel free to contact me!

Fourth graders also created a classroom poster with recommendations of great books they have read. My hope is that we can continue to find ways to share with each other about what we are reading and encourage one another to try books that are different than our normal choices.

Mrs. Brenner