Environmental Chemistry:


Chemical Process

The chemical process for soil is the change that occurs in its chemical compounds.

Natural processes

The Natural Process of soil is what soil does naturally without the help of humans.Soil is needed for plants and animals. it keeps the oxygen in it for the creatures that live under ground. When it rains it helps by regulating the flow of the solute and water. Soil nutrients are also important because it carries five different nutrients.

The nutrients that a plant needs to grow naturally go back into the soil for the next plant to use. Soil productivity depends on the Soil organic matter. This is things that decompose into the soil . Things like leaves, twigs, animal skin, and plant skin. These organic matters loosen the soil making it easier for pores to open and keep air for plants and underground animals to breathe.

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Anthropogenic processes

The Anthropogenic process of soil is what soil does with the help of humans. Soil pollution is very know as one problem that comes from one thing that humans do. This can mess up the food chain. It overall just ruins the biodiversity of the soil which makes it hard to grow plants.When acid rain comes around it is a major pollutant to soil.

Soil degradation is something that absolutely happens do to human interaction. The most important thing it does soil's ability to support those that depend on it. Soil degradation affects crop production especially making it difficult to grow crops. Salinization occurs when n soil is irrigated repeatedly. Salinization is when the is left in the soil from the irrigation water and it can make it difficult for plants to soak up the water that it needs to grow.

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Soil has many good and bad associations...


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