A diverse, historical, exciting, warm paradise.

The most unbelievable time of your life.

A Bite of the Bahamas

The Bahamas has many different kinds of fruits and foods, and they have these foods from so many cultural influences and you should try them all. The first people who lived in the Bahamas were the Lucayans; they ate flavorful seafood with cassava, corn, and sweet potatoes on the side. Later the British were in control over the Bahamas centuries later and influenced the Bahamas with meat pies and delicious roast. Africans inhabited the Bahamas too, they gave them grits, johnnycakes, and nutritious peas n’ rice. The Bahamas also has many fruits you probably have never heard over such as delicious soursops, sweet sugar apples, sapodillas, and juicy jujubes. Since there are all these amazing foods you should expand your food pallet and try one of their historical foods or original fruits!

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A Huge History

The Bahamas has a rich history full of conquering and colonies and they’re big on religion you need to learn all about it. First the Lucayans were the people Columbus first met in 1492! The Lucayans were hurt by the influenza and measles brought by the Spanish slave raids, and they were all killed by 1515. Later in 1647 the British colonized the Bahamas. Many of those with African ancestry were forced to work as slaves for the British during the American Revolution. Also the Bahamians are very influenced by religion, in the Bahamas the people are 35% Baptist, 15% Anglican, 14% Roman Catholic, 8% Pentecostal, 5% belong to the Church of God, 4% Methodist, 15% have other Protestant religions, and 4% have others or are Atheist. As you can see the Bahamas has so much history and religion you should come and learn even more about it.

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Island Entertainment

To have fun you can play some outdoor sports, go to the beautiful beaches, and so many other exciting things. Workboats used to be just for fishing, but sailing them is now an exciting national sport. They are popular spectator events, and they have food, music, and dancing at these events. Also soccer, basketball, track, volleyball, golf, cricket, and baseball are also common sports. You can also go to the island’s gorgeous beaches and clear water that make activities at the beach the favorite activities. Many people also enjoy music, dancing, going to the movies, and men enjoy playing dominoes for entertainment. There are so many enjoyable, exciting, new things you can do here, and there are so many options for you to have a great time.

Bahamas Benchmarks

The Bahamas has a lot of landmarks from history that all have an amazing story to tell, and they’re great sights to see. One landmark is Fort Charlotte, built in 1789, built to protect the Western Entrance of the harbor, but the fort was never used. Then there is Fort Montague was built in 1741 to protect the Eastern Entrance of the Nassau harbor, and it was used in the American Revolution. There is also Fort Fincastle, which was built in 1793, and it has a large amount of different sized cannons for battle. There is a great story behind the Cloisters, they were originally in France as an Augustinian Monastery, but they were then sent to the United States stone by stone. Then they were later bought by Huntington Hartford and rebuilt in the Bahamas. As you can see the Bahamas has so many things you should come and see including beautiful beaches!


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Before you go you need to know.......

The Land's Language

Most people speak and write in all the same language so you should learn about it before you visit! Most Bahamians speak English with accents or with dialect. For example they say, "He done reach" when we say, "He has arrived". They got the English language from the British colonization, so some of the upper class Bahama residents have British accents! Some other people such as Haitians speak Creole instead of English. And lastly the language most people write in is English. Now that you know what the astounding Bahamians speak, you're prepared to visit!

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Warm City Climate

The temperatures are wonderfully warm, sunny, and humid so you will definitely enjoy your visit. First the Bahamas is under the trade wind belt and they have great warm temperatures all year! Also June-September are the hottest months with an average high of 88 degrees, and in January-February it is the coldest months with an average of an amazing 77 degrees. The average rainfall is 50 in., humidity is 50%-90%, so it's a nice kind of hot. All in all the city is very warm and sunny so many tourists visit here, it is a lovely place to visit. In conclusion the Bahamas is a great temperature all year round so come visit any time!

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