Underage Drinking

want a sippy cup with that?

Why Shouldn't I Engage in Teen Alcohol Consumption?

Besides being illegal, underage drinking can lead to health issues, car accidents, alcoholics, death, and violent behavior. In fact, an astonishing 78% of American teens have drank alcohol with 47% of that group admitting to consuming 12+ drinks in the past year. With these stats on the rise, more and more teens are becoming morphed into alcoholic tendencies and putting themselves into fatal situations.

One sip won't hurt.... Right?

Just trying alcohol one time can lead to addiction just as drugs or cigarettes would. So next time you're somewhere alcohol is accessible to you, protect yourself and your future by staying away from it.

What Happens if I Get Caught?

If a minor is caught possessing alcohol, fines, community service, alcohol education and counseling, detention, suspension of your license, and even jail are all possible consequences. Underage drinking will follow you around forever and affect future careers and relationships.