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October 2018

Upcoming Events

11/1- Mass for All Saints' Day @ 9:30 AM- Hosted by Student Council

11/2- First Friday Mass @ 9:30- Hosted by Grade 4

11/2- Bingo- Doors Open at 6 PM

11/4- Open House- 11:30-1:00- Spread the word!

11/5- PTG Meeting @ 7 PM

11/6- No School- Election Day

11/12- No School- Veteran's Day

11/21-11/23- No School- Thanksgiving Break

11/30- Report Cards are sent home today

Come and play Bingo to support our 8th Grade!

Friday, Nov. 2nd, 6pm

127 State Street

Bristol, RI

Come to Bingo on Friday night to help support our 8th Grade class. Doors open at 6 PM and the first game begins at 6:30. Come down to win cash prizes, a 50/50 drawing, raffles, and more!

October Student of the Month

We are so proud of our Students of the Month! They are such great examples of what OLMC is all about. This month's students are: Charlie, William S., Kevin, Ben, Tommy, Elizabeth, Antoni, and Nathan. Well done, all!
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From the Principal

Dear Families,

As you can see by the updates from our classrooms below, OLMC students have been very hard at work learning new things! Sometimes, though, children don't always talk about what they've been doing when asked: "What did you do in school today?" This article has some great suggestions for talking with your children about their day.

Next week is "Discover Catholic Schools Week". We will have an Open House on Sunday, November 4th from 11:30 AM- 1 PM. Please share the date and time with those that you think would be interested in learning more about our school. If they can't make it that day, please pass them our school email and encourage them to contact me for more information.

We know that recess is important for your child's growth and development (and it's fun!), so we bring the children outside through the late fall and winter months (unless it's raining or snowing). Please make sure that your child has his/her coat and hats and gloves, especially now that the weather is becoming chillier.

We are so glad that you are part of the OLMC School family!


Ms. Walters

Classroom Updates

PreK 3

Pre- K -3 Is busy working on their shapes. They have been practicing the Sign of the Cross and the Hail Mary. Learning our numbers to five has been fun with the song "Five Green and Speckled Frogs". Our favorite part is making the frogs jump into the pond. We enjoyed spending time with our fourth-grade partners this month, making a special Halloween project to give to the residents at Franklin Court. We also practiced songs that we will sing to our new friends at Franklin Court. Our Halloween Party was a lot of fun. We enjoyed yummy treats and fun games!

PreK 4

Pre-K 4 has been learning about the fall season and all the changes that happen this time of year. We have been busy working on learning our letters and sounds. The class did an experiment to see if there was anything that could keep sliced apples from turning brown. We tested salt water, vinegar, lemon juice and apple juice. The apple juice and lemon juice worked the best and everyone agreed the best choice would be to use apple juice. Pre-K 4 also used their senses to investigate a pumpkin and then used descriptive words to tell how it looked, smelled, and felt. The pumpkin smelled “good, gross and yummy” and felt “squishy, gooey, and mushy.” Our students of the week have been Mia, Owen, Natalia, and Zander. Happy Birthday to Andrew and Eloise.


The kindergarten had a great day at Four Town Farm for their field trip! They learned about many vegetables and learned how the carrots are picked, washed, sorted and bagged. They were able to sort and bag their own to enjoy at home!

In reading, they have met alphafriends Mimi Mouse, Reggie Rooster, and Sammy Seal. They have learned 15 popcorn words!!! They are learning to write sentences with their words and some pictures. They have learned about singular and plural nouns and what an adjective is.

In math, they finished up geometric solids and patterns and have moved on to position words. Next, they will begin working on numbers to 31.

In science, they learned about spiders and how they catch their prey. They have made observations about mallowcremes and what happens to them when placed in different substances.

In religion, they learned that Church celebrates seasons and that ordinary time is when we learn about different saints.

The students have been so busy and they can’t wait to see what November brings!

First Grade Souper Troopers

First Grade has been busy with learning, movement, poetry, and ghosts! We enjoyed our field trip to Four Town Farm and meeting Farmer Ted. We used the experience to initiate our first writing process activity. We start with a sloppy copy and then copy onto a fun pumpkin paper. We also had a classroom taste testing of carrots and celery from the farm. We agreed they were all good! Speaking of tasting, the applesauce we made was a big hit...and made the classroom smell so good too.

We have tackled addends and sums in math and stages of development in science. We are moving on to subtraction and trees, and we get to sit in our Tree-mendous Center for small group activities. In religion, we learned about Zacchaeus who also liked trees-especially to climb so he could see Jesus.

Our Creation Station had all the items we needed for inventions to capture that tricky ghost who visits our room. And our Ghostbusters came up with some awesome traps! Thank you to all the parents who sent in items and helped with our field trip. Together we make learning fun!

Second Grade

October has been a busy month for Second Grade! In reading, students have been practicing the comprehension strategies of questioning, visualizing, self-monitoring, and determining fact vs. opinion. Students continue to interact with fiction and non-fiction texts by reflecting in their reading journals. Writing units have included poetry, paragraph writing and editing, and descriptive writing. Students look forward to writing celebrations, and this month they had a class "Poetry Slam" which provided a fun opportunity to share their work with their peers. In math, students have been working on place value strategies: estimating, rounding, odd vs. even, skip counting, and story problems! Students continue to practice their addition and subtraction fact fluency. In social studies, second graders studied Christopher Columbus and concluded their unit by building boats for Columbus and performing a Columbus play for Miss McLaughlin's Third Grade class. In science, students have been classifying solids by their physical properties, studying solids, liquids, and gases, and learning about magnets. Second graders continue to enjoy STEM activities and experiments, such as our recent pumpkin volcano activity! It is so exciting to see how much they've progressed in the first two months of school!

Third Grade

October has been another busy month for third grade! In reading, we have practiced writing summaries about what we read. We also have been discussing family traditions, through books like The Keeping Quilt and Grandma's Records. We also have been learning about different types of nouns. In math, we have just finished up subtraction and are beginning multiplication. Our third graders are learning some songs to help us learn our multiplication tables. In science, we are studying the phases of the moon. Third graders enjoyed recreating the phases on the moon with Oreos! In religion, students are learned about some of Jesus' miracles, such as the resurrection of Lazarus. October has been a month full of learning and excitement!

Fourth Grade

The Pre-K 3 and 4th grade visited Franklin Court on October 26th. On October 30th the 3rd-5th grades traveled to Mystic Aquarium. Back at school, we will be studying hard. In religion, we will be learning about the Circle of Grace. Our new theme in reading is American Stories. Multiplication will be the focus in math. We will be finishing our unit on the Southwest in social studies. We will be learning about nouns in English. Finally, in science, we will be learning about botany.

Fifth Grade

In October, the fifth graders were engaged in solving a mystery. In reading, the students read the mystery called Chasing Vermeer and had to find clues, work with pentominoes to solve puzzles and had to decode messages in order for them to find out who the thief was. They showed a lot of enthusiasm throughout the book. In religion, the students were engaged in conversation about the Circle of Grace. The students talked about appropriate personal space as well as ways of having a positive relationship with God and others. They also learned how the Holy Spirit helps us get through difficult decisions. The students discussed the meaning of All Souls Day at the end of the month. In math, the students worked on division work problems and reviewed ways to find the Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple and Least Common Denominator. In science, the students learned about astronomy and about telescopes. They worked in pairs to construct a telescope and were able to try them out on the playground. The students also learned about different constellations and how they are seen differently in different parts of the world. In social studies, the students learned about the history of Halloween, Halloween customs around the world and compared and contrasted our Halloween to others around the world. To end the month, the fifth graders enjoyed a trip to Mystic Aquarium.

Sixth Grade

Grade 6 - ELA In literature, the class read several selections from the anthology exploring the essential question, “What Makes a Hero?” Students read nonfiction magazine articles about ordinary people doing extraordinary things during times of a crisis or natural disaster. While reading The Dog of Pompeii, students learned about the five plot points: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. In English, the class continued to work on REC essays, reviewed the types of sentences, and studied prepositions and prepositional phrases.

Grade 6 - RELIGION The class studied the Book of Genesis and learned about the two creation stories. Students also learned about the Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs as our ancestors in faith. Abraham answered God’s call and continued to pass the faith along to each patriarch: Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

Math 6—The students reviewed division. They divided using zeros as placeholders and placing decimals points. We are starting Order of Operations. Afterward, we are moving forward to solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division equations.

Science & History- 6th grade have really stepped it up! In history, students have learned about the Neolithic and Paleolithic age. We are currently learning about the developments of Mesopotamia and how it has contributed to other civilizations. In Science, students have been working on erosion and deposition. Students are seeing how erosion changes the layout of the Earth's crust by removing soil, rock, or dissolved minerals and then transporting it to another location. On top of this students have been finalizing their science fair project ideas and finishing their research plans.

Seventh Grade

Grade 7 - ELA In literature, the class read classic prose and poetry. Students enjoyed the timeless short story Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard Kipling. They learned how Kipling applied the technique of anthropomorphism to the narrative’s animal characters giving them human emotions, characteristics, and intelligence. In English, students wrote REC essays and studied adjective, adverbial, and prepositional phrases.

Math 7 -- Students will begin reviewing different concepts around fractions—adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. We will first start with reviewing the greatest common factor, prime factorization, and least common multiple.

Pre-Algebra 7—Students reviewed one-step equations. They are moving on to solving two-step equations and then multi-step equations using various methods. They will be using the distributive property and combining liked terms.

Religion, Civics, & Science- 7th grade in religion class have been outstanding. Their creativity and openness to share about life experiences has really helped push discussions. On top of this, we are talking about ways people consult for the truth and the source of all life. In science, we have been working with fungi and protists. Students have really taken a liking to this chapter as it is very interesting. Students were also able to see that not all bacteria is negative and that some are able to be beneficial to us as humans. On top of this students have been finalizing their science fair project ideas and finishing their research plans. Finally, in Civics students have been learning about their rights and what they can do to keep them. Students were very engaged and asked great questions. We have also spoken about how voting and getting your voice heard is important as it helps our democracy be the best it possibly can be.

Eighth Grade

Grade 8 - ELA In literature, the read several selections from the anthology exploring the essential question, “What is Worth Fighting For?” Students explored the idea of true treasure in the short story “The Treasure of Lemon Brown.” In English, the class worked hard crafting essays for the Knights of Columbus annual writing contest. This year’s title and theme was “How does your family keep its Catholic Faith in Action.”

Algebra—Students will start writing equations using slope-intercept form and point-slope form. We will move forward onto writing linear equations given two points and then writing equations in standard form.

History—We are currently in the Reconstruction period post-Civil War. They are learning how the changes in the South affected the last stages of Reconstruction. During the Reconstruction period, the students will learn about Lincoln's death and who was involved.

Religion—Students have started to learn the Ten Commandments more in-depth. We are looking at each commandment on how God reveals himself and how to live out the commandment. The students created a storybook that contains illustrations and the meaning of each.

Science- In 8th grade we have been learning about physical and chemical properties along with different states of matter. On top of this students have been working with calculating the density of objects. This was used first-hand during a lab where students needed to find out the different materials of blocks by calculating density after finding out its volume and mass. On top of this students have been finalizing their science fair project ideas and finishing their research plans.

Art with Mrs. Southworth

The Pre-school students have created alphabet art. We created “C” cat, “D” duck, “F” Fish and “G” Giraffe. Pre-school has also enjoyed making some spooky art, such as spiders, jack-o’-lanterns and Frankensteins.

Grades K through 2 have been having some Halloween fun. Some of the students created crazy faced Jack-O-Lanterns and unique Frankensteins. Some of the students drew an array of candy corns making each have a different disposition and personality. These came out awesome.

Grades 3 through 5 have been learning about positive and negative shapes. The students created half a Jack-O-Lantern or Frankenstein, traced to get a mirror images and colored each side opposite of each other. Some of the students discussed warm and cool colors. The students created a grid, drawing a tree over it. The leaves were made up of warm colors while the background consisted of cool colors. This created beautiful fall trees.

Our middle school students have taken their time creating acrylic paintings. Some students used the wet on wet technique to create gradients for their backgrounds. Others used a dry brush approach to create the look they desired. The students have put in a ton of effort into these paintings and it can be seen in their finished products. They all came out great!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, a Catholic institution, is devoted to the development of the whole student. We integrate spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth with academic excellence. We encourage our students to serve God and others as part of a strong, socially responsible, Catholic community. We strive to provide our students with example and opportunity in order to help them become intentional Disciples of Christ.