Mandarin Chinese

World Language survey

同学们好!Hello Class!

My name is Holly, I will be the teacher for your Chinese course this semester. I am looking forward to helping you learn Chinese. I hope you will love language learning as much as I do! My contact information is below; it will also be on the homepage of your course. The best way to contact me is by email: If you need a quick answer you are welcome to text me as well.

What to do This Week-Pacing Chart

Chinese: Lesson 1

Day 1

Writing Assignment: What do you Know About Chinese Language & Culture? What do you know about China, Chinese language and Chinese culture now?

Day 2

Discussion: Chinese Culture What is the most interesting part of Chinese culture to you? What has surprised you? Comment on some of the entries of your classmates. Refer to the discussion rubric for guidance.

Day 3

Research Assignment: Region or City in China

Day 4

Chinese: Lesson 1 - Quiz

Day 5

Do more research on Chinese: Culture, Food, or Language if you are finished with the other assignments and post what you learned to the discussion board.