How to Complete a 1040EZ Form

Oscar Rojas

Tax Information

You will need either a 1040EZ, 1040, or a 1040A form in order to complete your taxes. You can get your forms from either the internet, over the telephone, or at local community spots. The 1040EZ form needs to be completed on April 18th.

1040EZ Form in Depth

  1. Fill out wages, salaries, etc.
  2. Put in the amount of taxable interest you have.
  3. No unemployment, so it is 0.
  4. Add lines 1, 2, and 3 and that is you adjusted gross income.
  5. Fill out lines A-G in order to figure out how much you get.
  6. Subtract line 5 from 4, this is your taxable income.
  7. Federal income tax.
  8. No earned income credit, so put down 0.
  9. Add lines 7 and 8a, this is your total payments and credits.
  10. Tax.
  11. No health care coverage, so put down 0.
  12. Add lines 10 and 11, this is your total tax.
  13. If line 9 is larger than 12, subtract line 12 from line 9. This is your refund.
  14. If line 12 is larger than 9, subtract line 9 from line 12. This is the amount you owe.
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