Refugees in Iran

By: Bryan, Sofia, and James

Background/ History

A majority of Iranian refugees left for a better education/ jobs. Education is very important to the refugees because it leads to better job choices. The government of Iran is a theocracy, meaning their government revolved around a god. The head of state (supreme leader) is appointed rather than elected. The people of Iran do not participate much in government. Iran's GDP is 1.3 trillion and global economic rating is 171st. Through 1980- 1989, Iran was in a war with Iraq. within the same year of the war ending, the Islamic Republic of Iran formed.

Refugee Resettlement in Georgia

Refugees face many challenges when coming into a new country.

Some of the challenges that refugees face include……..

- going through extensive airport security protocols where they check to make sure that the refugees are the correct ppl they think they are

-going through a second protocol for the airport to get info about them they had missed the first time

- had to go through medical checks after they have been approved

- have to adjust to a new environment, a new country, and to a new language It usually takes about 1 year and 9 months before they can enter the US. Refugees can be an asset to Georgia politically for many reasons. One major reason is because many refugees want to be involved in Georgia’s government which can mean that the legislature can be more diverse which can also mean a more diverse vote.


There are 83,507 refugees originating from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Currently,there are no people that are internally displaced in the Islamic Republic of Iran. There are 979,441 refugees in Iran. The mortality rate for the Islamic Republic of Iran is 81.19 as of 2013.According to The UN Refugee Agency,there are only 8 refugees that have returned back to Iran.We think this has occurred because maybe where they moved wasn't comfortable