Battle of Bunker Hill

By Mason Guthrie

The Battle of Bunker Hill

The Battle of Bunker Hill was important for the Americans. The battle was fought at Charlestown, Massachusetts. There was many generals at the battle of Bunker Hill. The British won when the Americans retreated. This was a significant battle for the Americans.

Where was the battle fought?

The battle of bunker hill took place at Charlestown, Massachusetts on June 17, 1775

The battle was fought because Americans learned British were trying to claim hills around Boston. They then constructed a strong redoubt on Breeds hill. This battle took place during the Siege of Boston. It was in the early stages of the Revolutionary War. The battle was fought at Breeds Hill instead of Bunker Hill due to old map mistakes.

Who were the generals?

There were many generals at the battle of bunker hill some died though

Some of the generals for the colonies were Israel Putram, William Presscot, and John Stark. The British generals William Howe, Sir Robert Pigot, James Abercrombie, and Henery Clinton. The Royal Navy generals were Samuel Graves and John Pitcairn. Joseph Warren was one of the generals who died he fought as a indivuial. Joseph Warren, James Abercrombie, and Samuel Graves died fighting.

Whom won the battle and why?

The British won the battle when the Americans retreated to bunker hill

The Americans won two smaller battles for the hill until the British came back a third time and the Americans ran out of ammuntaion. The losses of the British raised morale of the colonies. The Americans last about 450 soilders while the British lost more than 1,000 soilders. A general is believed to have said "don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes". The British won Breeds Hill while the Americans had Bunker Hill.


This battle was very important for the Americans after all the British losses

In conclusion the battle was started when the British discovered the Americans on Breeds Hill. Thus, the generals were important in the battle. In fact even though the Americans lost the battle the British suffered a heavy loss of soilders. Truly the British sufferd the true loss.


Redoubt - a strong bunker used during wars

Significant - Important

Morale - Happiness

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