Egg racer

it will go fast

Builder: Aaron Bloom

Car Name: Terminator Red


how fast will the car go?


I think that the car will go fast.

Background Knowledge

speed - how fast you are going

force - a push or pull

inertia - keep doing what your doing

acceleration - slow down speed up or turn

friction - making heat by moving

momentum - the force of something going forward

potential energy - energy at rest

kinetic energy - energy in motion


First I made my hypothesis. Then I made the car. I started with finding some supplies. After that I made a seat and frame of the car. I made sure it was big enough to fit an egg. Then I put some spray paint on it. I was finished.


I crashed my car 2 times and it flew out every time.

In speed my car went pretty slow.

Big image


The car went pretty slow my conclusion was half right though one time it went 1 meter.

When I crashed the car it didn't work out that great. I ejected the egg