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Weeks of August 31st & September 7th 2020

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A Note from Mrs. Kusar...

Dear OES Pirate Families,

Welcome Back! I truly hope you all have enjoyed your summer. With such an uncertain ending to our school year last year, and starting a new one now, I know there have been many questions and concerns. We will do our very best to answer questions and address any concerns you have. Our priority is keeping our students safe and happy! We are definitely in uncharted territory, but our focus is, as always, on our students. Thank you for being patient with us!

Drop Off and Dismissal Procedures


OES drop off and morning routine will begin at 7:45 AM. Gates will be opened no later than 7:45 AM for students to enter the campus. Grade levels will enter the building to be screened at their designated screening station. Screeners and students will follow the MCSD screening protocol.

After passing the screening students will go to their classroom to start the school day and have breakfast in the classroom. Olathe Elementary will be doing a “soft” start, meaning students can go straight to their classrooms as they arrive. Once in their classrooms, students will experience a typical start to the school day. When entering the room they can follow their class’s regular morning routine.

Screening Areas:

  • 5th - front door

  • 2nd and Kinder - breezeway doors

  • 3rd and 4th - Southeast door

  • 1st - Southwest door

Dismissal Procedures are the same as they have always been.

3:08pm-Bus Riders and Car Riders with last names A-M are in front loop, and Car Riders with N-Z last names are in the back loop.

3:15 pm-Walkers

Tech Fee

Tech Fees for students are $10.00- you can pay by cash or check and we will get you a receipt.

Be a Buddy Not a Bully!

This year to show that we are being buddies and not bullies, all staff and students are encouraged to wear royal blue shirts OR any Olathe shirt that is blue every week on Wednesdays this year!

What is Capturing Kids' Hearts?

What is Capturing Kids’ Hearts?

We are excited to announce that this school year, Olathe Elementary School adopted a character education and anti-bullying program called Capturing Kids’ Hearts. All of our teachers completed a two day training. We are excited that we will continue to use this program this school year. This program emphasizes building great relationships with every student, and then showing students how to use these skills with their peers, their teachers, and even their families.

What does this look like?

Classroom social contracts

Launches (daily quotes that end each class and day)

Positive relationships

Positive conflict resolution with the 4 questions process

Peer accountability

Here are our Launches for the next 2 weeks:

1. "Choose Kind Over Cool."

2. "The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time." -Thomas Edison

Pirate's Pledge

I will...Attend, Appreciate, Respect, Grow, and Help! AARGH!

Stay in the Loop!

OES Office: 252-7940