RNNE Instructional Leadership Team

End of Week Meeting

End of Week Meeting Pre-Work

APs, analyze the Positive Framing Coaching Dashboard here and complete the cohort reflection on tab 2 of the document.

End of Week Meeting Agenda

1. Positive Framing Dashboard (15 minutes)

a. Cohort Trends – outcomes/causes/solutions

b. School-wide Trends – outcomes/causes/solutions

c. Next steps (cohort level + school-wide level)

2. Preston Visit Reflections (10 minutes)

a. Positive Incentives Present (LiveSchool vs. Clipchart)

b. Habits of Discussion

c. Ratio

d. Mindset flags

3. Next week’s focus areas (10 minutes)

a. Positive Narration/LS Points being more visible throughout campus

b. Strong mini-lessons for math and humanities (think aloud) – are they teaching the right stuff in the right way? What is their vision for the mini-lesson portion? (student actions and teacher actions)

c. Chipping away at the inverted ratio (teacher talk vs. student talk) – incorporate turn and talks

d. Student Joy and Engagement, Student Response to Correction, Tracking

e. Thursday PD Session topic brainstorm

4. Today’s Focus Areas (10 minutes)

a. Positive Framing observations – zoom in on afternoon observations balanced with morning ones

b. Landing - SL support for transitions to the gym, during Landing, dismissal

c. Content observations – to inform your coaching moves next week

d. Week Ahead e-mail

e. Weekly Worksheet

5. Next Week’s Happenings (5 minutes)

a. Beginning of Week Meeting – Tuesday, September 8th 6:30am

b. Picture Day

c. JR walkthrough at RNNE/CT walkthrough at RUA

d. other?

Unbroken - Motivational Video