Seal Team Six Warrior

Connecting modern literature to greek mythology

Alright, so you are in some foreign country with your seal team on a mission. One of your men gets shot in action. You are trying to escape the enemy perimeter without getting caught if you get caught then you are already dead. What would you do? Woule you be scared?

Main Characters

The main character in this book is Howard E. Wasdin. He was a navy seal sniper for 12 year term and was on seal team six. His furthest recorded shot was 1.4 miles away.
Plot: This book is about the life of Howard E. Wasdin. His missions, the seal teams he was one, and what he mastered over time of being in the seals.

Critique of the Book: I would recommend this book to a friend because I feel the book can be intriguing to anyone.

Connection #1: My first connection is a comparison between Howard Wasdin and Herculeas or Perseus they were all heroes and not afraid to die for what was right.

Connection #2: My second connection is how Howard's Dad left when he was born and in Greek Mythology most demigods didn't live with there parents.

Connection #3: My third connection is Howard had missions to protect and serve our country and in Greek Mythology they has to go on quests which in my point of view are very similar.

Concluding Thoughts: I thought this book had a good moral to the story because Howard the main character went through abuse when he was a kid and when he grew up he used that anger as a motive to do better than anyone in training and serving his country.