3-School Newsletter

Cooper Landing, Hope, and Moose Pass Schools

January 4, 2021

Whether your student is in the classroom or learning online, this is a great resource for extra help! Click the link below to learn more!

Click Here for Live Homework Help

State Library Electronic Doorway Offers Live Homework Help Mon-Fri 8am-2am, Sat & Sun Noon-2am

Sources of Strength

Did you know that the District has a great resource to help you and your family cope with the tough situations that come up every day due to the Covid-19 Pandemic? Click on the link below and check it out!


Happy New Year!

We wish all Cooper Landing families a happy, healthy, safe New Year! As we venture into what will no doubt be a better year, let's go forward with positivity and hope for brighter days ahead!

Yellow Status

Cooper Landing School remains in yellow status (medium risk). Students and staff must continue to wear a face covering at all times except for PE and recess. Please see the links at the bottom of the newsletter for up-to-date information.

PAC Meeting

There will be a PAC meeting on Thursday, January 28 (time to be determined). The meeting will be held via Zoom. Please send any agenda items to dtucker@kpbsd.org. Thank you!

Cooper Landing School Website

Please visit our website at https://kpbsd.org/schools/cooper-landing/. There is a lot of useful information including links to the Cooper Landing Gem, minutes of PAC meetings, etc.

Hope School

January 4 - School opens for 3rd quarter

January 6 - Littles to cross country ski for PE, please bring full snow gear

January 7 - School lunch delivery

January 8 - School lunch order deadline for following week (noon), see below for link

January 18 - MLK Day, no school

January 19 - PTO Meeting, Zoom Link to be emailed closer to date

With the shift to "Yellow" status, there are some changes happening with the Hope School. We will do our best to keep you updated via email and newsletters, and appreciate your patience as we go through this learning process together. If you have questions about the new guidelines, please check out the Smart Start document here:


A few key points:

1. Students and staff must wear masks at all times. The only exceptions are lunch, PE and recess.

2. No visitors will be allowed at any time for any reason (this includes parents at lunch or recess time). You may still come pick up and drop off your child as we have been doing all year.

3. All meetings from this point forward will take place virtually.

4. Strict 6 foot social distancing must take place whenever possible.

School Lunch Order Form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=ot7EdCqbD0Oa80hzQ1qrlyxwHXtEP9JNvt4nmYctNbhUNTlNNjBRQUJWQTVENTJWMFBKR1NWQUg4Vi4u

Moose Pass School January Dates to Know

January 11: School Board Meeting Click to learn more

January 18: No School MLK Day

KPBSD Covid-19 Hub

Everything that you need to know about how KPBSD is responding to Covid-19 in your community's school