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All About The Gods (Poseidon Edition)

The parents of Poseidon are Cronus and Rhea. They weren't very good parents especially Cronus. He would try to eat his children, but not Poseidon. Cronus and Rhea's children were Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Hestia, Pluto and Demeter. Poseidon married


and they lived in Atlantis for a while. Then Poseidon got tired of Atlantis and moved to rule the land of Attica. Attica was close to the water for Poseidon's sake. (P.S. He is the god of the sea.) The names of their children are Persephone, Triton, and there are to many more to name. One of his enemies is Athena because originally they both wanted to gods of Athens, but the Athenians wanted Athena to be their god more. Poseidon was powerful, fierce, and strong. He had a huge body and and two thing that he almost always had with him were a trident and/or a chariot. Poseidon was an interesting god in Greek Mythology.

Interviewing Poseidon

Interviewing Poseidon By: George

George: Greetings Poseidon

Poseidon: Hello George.

George: I have some questions for you.

Poseidon: Let’s hear it.

George: What have you been thinking of your younger brother, Zeus.

Poseidon: I think that I should be the God of all gods because I am the oldest and most responsible. I don’t think it should be decided by picking a straw and that be our future.

George: Ok. What do you think about Zeus when you see him?

Poseidon: I think about him as a greedy and selfish God.

George: Do you think Zeus is capable of being the God of Gods?

Poseidon: It depends. He was always the brave one when we were younger.

George: Were you happy when you found out about ruling the sea not the world?

Poseidon: I was happy about living in a gold palace and marrying Amphritite.

George: How was Amphritite a change into the kingdom?

Poseidon: She brought many sea life to the golden palace. Also she made my life better and easier if you know what I mean.

George: When did Triton come along into the palace?

Poseidon: It got very lonely in the palace and getting up to the ordinary day all the time. Now with Triton, life has changed in the castle.

George: In what ways has it changed?

Poseidon: It gave us less time to accomplish tasks. Therefore, we were more hardworking and overall it just made life busier and harder.

George: Do you think Triton is worthy enough to become a god or should he just stay in his place?

Poseidon: Well I feel both ways because I wouldn't want him to be the same rank as me. That would just show I'm weak, but in a way I would be proud for him to get that ranking on Olympus.

George: I can understand that, and are you happy with Hades for taking your daughter, Persephone, into the under world forever?

Poseidon: No why would I be happy that my brother, the god of the underworld, keep her down there with him forever!!!! The reason I think he did that is because he was mad that we both, Zeus and I, took the better places to rule and he got the bad one.

George: And lastly do you feel bad for Hades having to be the god of the underworld?

Poseidon: I was at first, but then when he was mean to us for doing that I could care less about right now.

George: Ok thanks for doing this!

Poseidon: No problem!

Comparing Poseidon and Chuck Norris

Poseidon is just like Chuck Norris...

  • ...they both are clever

  • ...they both are daring

  • ...they both are powerful

  • ...they both are famous

  • ...They both are mysterious

They both are different though...

  • ...Poseidon is a god

  • ...Chuck Norris is a person

  • ...Poseidon has magical powers

  • ...Chuck norris is just indescribable

  • ...Chuck Norris can't control water... yet

Poseidon's Family Tree

This is a picture of Poseidon's Family Tree. His Parents are Cronus and Rhea and some of his siblings are Hestia and Demeter.