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How To Avoid Portion Size Pitfalls To Help Manage Your Weight

Portion Control When Eating Out

  • split an entree with a friend or ask waiter for a togo box and wrap up half you food.
Portion Control When Eating In

  • Serve food on individual plates
  • Keep extra food out of reach to minimize second and third helpings.
Portion Control Infront Of The t.v.

  • Put the amount you want to eat in a bowl

Healthy Weight And Exercise Help Your Portion Sizing!!!!!!

  • Be regularly active with exercise helps you not eat as much and so your portions are smaller....

Fresh Fruits Fresh Veggies Calcium Rich Foods.

  • Be sure to try "exotic foods"
  • You can saute veggies and eat them raw with different dips
  • Low fat and fat free yogurt without sugar
  • if your favorite food calls for a fried food try grilled or baked instead.