Your time is precious!

Dylan's Driveways

We come and clear your driveway and sidewalks within 24 hours after a snow storm.

A driveway can be slippery and cold after a snowstorm. You may be busy or just wanting to take it easy. I am very excited to be offering you a chance to take a load off of your responsibilities AND you can support me in my goal: To buy a new computer by spring.

The service is affordable and I am an honest and 10 year old reliable neighbor.

Please Fill out this to Reserve your Spot.

Name: ________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________________ State:_____ Zip: _____________

Phone#: ________________________________________________


Driveway Size: (S) (M) (L) (XL) (Other)

No snow is too deep!

Our prices are by the driveway and sidewalk size and not the depth of snow! Sign up today and get prioritized based on when you sign up. Obviously I will most likely be doing the shovelling before and after school hours. However, I do have adult backups who have agreed to help guarantee my customer service.

Dylan's Driveways

Ask about our season unlimited passes.

Additionally if you provide me with at least 5 of your friends* you will receive 2.00 off your first 3 storms.

If you wish to talk to my mom or my adult assistants, I will provide their numbers.

*must provide name, phone number and address and email and they must be new referrals.