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Michael Quattlebaum Jr AKA Mykki Blanco

Michael David Quattlebaum Jr, Mykki Blanco has battled one of humanities longest standing prejudices, to emerge successfully in Harlem's notoriously competitive hip hop scene.

"...people relate strength to masculinity. And people relate homosexuality to being the opposite of masculinity. When femininity is seen as a source of power in black culture, homophobia will no longer exist." - Mykki Blanco

Despite discrimination in the Hip Hop scene being far from a resolved issue,Blanco's eclectic brand of rap has managed to garner a dedicated yet diverse following.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Hip Hop artists such as Lil' Kim , to Rock icons such as Freddy Mercury, Blanco has charmed throngs of fans hailing from art communities to the indie subculture.

Perhaps this is because, fundamentally, Blanco considers himself not a rapper but a poet. Addressing themes, and evoking emotions atypical of the genre,Blanco's verve and panache are beautifully reflected in his lyricism.

In performance, though, his intensity and energy are undeniable, and Blanco is able to provoke without offending, titillating his audience, and leaving them wanting more of his engimatic persona.

So do take this opportunity to be enthralled by one of hip hop's most unique, and engaging artists, live at Home Club on the 26th of September.

Mykki Blanco Presented by Home Club

Thursday, Sep. 26th 2013 at 8-11pm

20 Upper Circular Road , The Riverwalk B1-01/06, S(058416)

Ticket Prices

First 30 at $28, Pre-sale $38, Door $48


Event ticketed by Riot Tix Pte Ltd