LV Technology

Isaac Granius Ginter


Typing Web is something to help you type.

It also helps you type faster.

There is also lot of different typing paragraphs.


The iTrailer is where you can learn how to make videos.

You have to use pictures you have to make the itrailer.

Itrailer can be about what you like and other stuff.

Career locker

Career locker is a website that helps you no what job is best for you.

It helps you get an idea of some jobs.

And you can also find out if you dream job is.

Haiku Deck

The haiku deck is a place that you can make a presentation.

You can present anything you want to.

you can even make of a job you want to be.

explain everything

Explain Everything is also a presentation
You can do it for any subject

you also can look up pics for your project

hour of code

Hour of code is when you have to try to figure out code games

it can also help you in the real world

it is a fun learning experience

Email Etiquette

Email etiquette is what you do to become a better tipper

it can help with typing fast

and it can help you type fluently