TerraNichol Academy Weekly Blog

March 16th-20th, 2015

This weeks Learning Labs

Learning Labs were busy as usual as students were involved in Dr. Seuss writing experiences, sensory and preparing for the upcoming Art Gallery Showcase! Students were sculptors designing their own clay masterpieces, using printing techniques and embellishments such as wire, buttons, beads, and sequins. Andy Warhol brightened our week by inspiring us to make neon colored handprints and coloring our portraits with bright colors to recreate Andy Warhol's unique style! The students really related to this technique and Andy Warhol won a place in our Favorite Artists Hall of Fame! Wacky Wednesday was a hoot as students and teachers were dressed the wackiest we have ever seen. Did you hear about the shoes stuck to the wall? How wacky!!!! Students enjoyed the story Wacky Wednesday all week by Dr. Seuss! We also had some very silly socks show up on Thursday for silly sock day. Thanks to all that participated. We concluded many of our weather projects on clouds and charting the weather and next week we are looking forward to exploring more about rainbows! Because we have made progress in our art appreciation we are ahead of the game! Salvador Dali and his mustache will be our focus for Art Appreciation as we sketch portraits and add our own mustaches!

Important Dates to Mark in Your Calendar

As March comes to an end:

March 23rd-VPK Open House for parents new to the program. 9:30 a.m

March 27th-School Closed for Professional Day

***Please read careful as dates may have changed from the original school calendar per mandated teacher trainings.

April 2015

1st Registration 2015-2016 Deadline

3rd School Closed for Good Friday

13th School Closed for Teacher Professional Day: State training

14th-17th TerraNichol Academy Annual Art Gallery Showcase

The Week of the Young Child

22nd TerraNichol Academy Earth Day Bash (during our regular school day)

26th Earth Day Bash at Buchan Airport Park

May 2015

1st School ClosedTeacher Professional Day

4th-8th Teacher Appreciation Week

8th A Tea Party with Mommy during morning drop off 8:30-9am

21st Dismissal for all students at 12:00. There is no lunch on this day.

21st Dress Rehearsal for A Night At the Art Museum. VPK students only 3-6p.m @Lemon Bay Playhouse

22nd School Closed for preparation for A Night At the Art Museum

22nd Curtains Up at LemonBay Playhouse for A Night At the Art Museum 6p.m (All TerraNichol Academy Families are welcome to attend the fabulous show.)

29th Last Day of school for VPK only students

A Night At the Art Museum- Important Annoucements

Big image

A Night At the Art Museum

Our play is beginning to take shape as students continue to learn lyrics to the show and develop characters and plot. Excitement is mounting and it is important for all parents of the students in the show (Pre-K/VPK students) to keep up with their emails about important information. A parent information letter as well as play music cd's to practice at home, in your car etc. will be sent home soon. The more the students hear the music the easier it will be for them to learn the lyrics!

The cast of the show don't forget to check your email that was sent yesterday in regards to the play project. We can't wait to see your ideas!!!! You can bring in your story boards as soon as they are finished. Many students were eager to do this weekend.

All tickets will be on sale through the LemonBay Playhouse website. They are working on ticketed now and we will forward you the link as soon as they send it to us.

Ticket Prices will be:

-$30 per adult

-$15 per child (ages 0-13)

Everyone must have a ticket to enter the theater per fire code laws no matter age.

(We must respect the fire code laws per Lemon Bay Playhouse.)

We welcome all families to attend the show! It is a great experience for TerraNichol students to be a part of the audience!

Important Dates: Mark Your Calendars Now!

May 21st Dress Rehearsal 3 to 6 p.m at LemonBay Playhouse More information to follow in Parent Play Letter.

May 22nd Performance of A Night At the Art Museum 6p.m. More information to follow parent letter for information regarding drop off times.

**dress rehearsal time subject to change. Final times will be confirmed in the parent letter.

Art Gallery Showcase!

You're Invited!

TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Annual Spring Art Gallery Children's Showcase.

The students will have several art masterpieces they have worked on throughout the school year. Parents will be able to view the art the week of the Young Child April 14th-17th. Each student's showcase is $75 per student.

Get your tickets here:


or make a check payable to TerraNichol Academy!

Visit our school Art Gallery Showcase link at eventbrite.com

The Annual School Fundraiser supports our visual and performing arts program here at TerraNichol Academy of The Arts. ART FOR ARTS' SAKE!!

We will also have several theme baskets for raffle as well as some one of kind art masterpieces and gift certificates for silent auction.

"A Child's Imagination Knows No Boundaries."

TerraNichol Academy's 9th Annual Art Gallery Children’s Showcase

Our School’s Big Fundraiser!!!

Parents Sign Up to Donate a Theme Basket for our Silent Auction/Raffle

Do you have a business or know someone who owns a business that would like to advertise by donating a gift certificate, Theme Basket, or Service?

Share our Event! on Facebook!!

Tax deductible Donation

Support Your Local Visual and Performing Arts Preschool in Englewood.

___________Uncork IT! Whine for some cheese Basket

___________ Book Worm Basket

___________Everything Lego’s Basket

Stark Family Movie Night Basket

Mota Family Mind/Body/Sprit Basket

_Michelle Beers Around The World Basket

___________Car Wash Basket

___________Chef Experience Basket

___________Pet-A-Palooza Basket

___________Family Game Night Basket

___________For The Love Of Music Basket

___________Garden Delights Basket

___________Starbucks Coffee Delight Basket

___________I Scream For Ice Cream Basket

___________ Life’s A Beach Basket

___________Picnic In The Park Basket

___________Sports Therapy Basket

Remmers family Taste of Italy Basket

___________Yoga,Yoga & Zumba Fitness

___________Weird Science Basket

___________Toddler Mania Basket

___________Tea for Two Basket

___________Organic Goodness Basket

___________Margritaville Basket

___________Fishing Tales Basket

___________Chocolate Delight Basket

___________Art Lover’s Basket

___________Frozen Basket

___________Just Add Water-Pool Party Basket

___________Green Thumb Basket

Terra Waste Free Lunch Basket

Warmer Weather is Here!

We all longed for Spring and warmer weather and it here as we welcome Spring. As typical in Florida once it heats up it does so quickly! Prepare your child for the day by applying sunscreen and bug spray everyday prior to coming to school. Also double check your child's extra clothing bag and replace with cooler weather clothing. We also suggest leaving a sunhat in your child's bag as well. Parents may consider dressing fairer skinned students in an SPF sun shirt. As a reminder per health code restrictions we cannot apply any sunscreen or bug spray. Also for the safety of all students please do not leave bug spray or sunscreen in your child's backpack. We have eco friendly bug spray for sale in our school store $10. See Miss Terra

Parent Mentors

We are in need of a parent mentor for Wednesday April 1st. and Monday April 6th from 8:30-9:00 a.m If you are free to volunteer for either of these dates to welcome new families, assist in the morning drop off routine and help them find their child's hook, take home folder, play license and offer a warm smile on their first day please email us to let us know. We appreciate the help:)

New Families

April 1st: Morris Family, Mom Vanessa, Dad Mark, son Braxton and The Fredriksen Family Mom Ashleen and son Jude.

April 6th: Lewis Family, Mom Ella, Dad Courtney and son Landon