Multiple Myeloma

Peyton Berry


It forms in malignant plasma cells. The regular plasma cells help your immune system fight infections and when these are invaded by the cancer mutation it causes you to be weak. These cells are in bone marrow and when they cancer gets in the marrow it forms a tumor.

Who it affects:

Its more likely to affect people over the age of 65, african americans, males, people that have experienced a lot of radiation, and obese people. There is no reasoning for these certain people to get multiple myeloma. Incident rates for 2015- 26,850 people are expected to be diagnosed with this type of cancer. Around 14,090 males and 12,760 will be diagnosed. About 11,240 deaths are expected because of the cancer. About 6,240 men and 5,000 woman are guessed to die this year. There is a .7% chance of getting the cancer or about 1 in 143 people.

Treatment Options (just a few)

What can you do to prevent it and where is it located.

As of now there is no known way to prevent Multiple Myeloma. They are researching for a reason but right now there isn't a link. It is located in the bone marrow inside bones. It grows tumors in the bone which causes it to be weak.


It can cause a shortage in red blood cells. Multiple Myeloma can cause bones to be week because it tells the osteoclast to breaks bone cells down faster but doesn’t tell the osteoblast to make more bone cells and kidney failure. Having copies of the same antibody which is known as Monoclonal gammopathy. Solitary Plasmacytomas which is a single tumor that gets big instead of a lot of small ones. Light claim amyloidosis which is where the protein chain makes to many light chains which start to build up and cause organs to not function due to the expansion of protein. Plasma cells that attack infections can not be produced to keep you from being sick. So if you get sick its a lot harder to get ride of the infection.


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