ELA Stations

February 6-10


Group 1: Chloe L, Alex, CJ, Brewer, Emma B, Alec

Group 2: Bailey, Alexis, Sawyer, Faith, Christian Haven, Kylie

Group 3: Nathaniel, Rebeca, Claire D, Chris, Jason, Andy

Group 4: Emma D, Evan, Inara, Claire L, Tessa, Seth


Group1: Jathan, Alyssa, Nathan, Bailey, Jason, Owen

Group 2: Maddie, Harrison, Daniel, Roman, Elysia, Logan

Group 3: Connor, Cooper, Brem, Quinn, Dominic, Lilliana

Group 4: Garrett, Fayth, Kelsey, Alan, Bradley, Lily

Station 1 - Vocabulary (Tables 1&2)

You need - Pencil, computer

Complete the analogies worksheet. Then write your own analogies using the vocabulary words. Try to focus on the ones in the quizlet you are the LEAST comfortable with...and notice that there are some new ones that have been added! Remember analogies have 4 words...and you must have the same relationship between the pairs of words.

Then post your favorite original analogy on the padlet with a blank so that others can try to answer. If you have time, see if you can answer other analogies listed in the comments!

Station 2 - Characters Change Over Time (Tables 3&5)

You need: computer, LWW, Character Traits List

Choose either Lucy or Edmund. Begin a "character trait timeline" in your reading journal. You should have AT LEAST one trait from each chapter the character appears in. Each entry should be in the following format:




An example for Alice would be:



"...she was considering in her own mind whether the pleasure of making a daisy-chain would be worth the trouble of getting up and picking the daisies..." p.1

Alice is feeling very sleepy and lazy. She is bored, but is not willing to get up to end her boredom.



"I wish I could shut up like a telescope!"

Alice is trying to figure out how to get in the small door. Her thoughts are in the form of a creative simile about folding up like a telescope.

Station 3 - Poetry (Kidney Table w/ Mrs. Smith)

You need: pencil

Working on Jacob's Ladder activities related to a poem.

Station 4 - Notice and Note Signposts (Comfy Seats)

You need: LWW, GREEN Notice and Note Signposts bookmark, pencil

Reread the last chapter we read. Identify the various signposts and record them on your chart. Be sure to include page numbers. When you finish, discuss your signposts with your partner.