The Center for Teaching Excellence

May 2018 CTE Newsletter

We Have a New Name

The same support and staff with a new name! As we combine the Statesboro and Armstrong Centers, our mission to provide the best services to our faculty remains constant. We will continue to provide faculty development opportunities for instructors teaching face-to-face, online, and blended courses.

You can still contact our individual campus offices as you did previously. In addition, we will have a CTE email account soon. You will begin receiving emails from this account shortly.

Teaching Online Certificate Course Applications

The Developing and Teaching Online Courses six-week online workshop prepares faculty to deliver and design online courses. Participants spend up to three hours online each week completing the activities. This is not a technical workshop.

Workshop topics include: the challenges of teaching online, time management strategies, pedagogical models for course delivery and design, facilitating online engagement, and quality assurance, plus Web accessibility, copyright law, and academic integrity.

Two sections available:

  • May 14 ā€“ June 22 (only 4 online seats left )
  • June 4 ā€“ July 14

Register for the Developing and Teaching Online Courses Workshop!

Team-Based Learning Workshop

Tuesday and Thursday, May 22nd and 24th
9:00-12:00 PM
Solms 207, Armstrong

The CTE will be hosting a workshop series: Team-Based Learning. This series is presented by Dr. Andi Beth Mincer, Interim Department Head and Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences. Copies of the book Getting Started with Team-Based Learning by Jim Sibley and Pete Ostafichuk will be supplied by the Center. The sessions will include an introduction to the concept and its key principles, as well as practical application.

We will accept up to 15 participants on a first-come, first-serve basis. Faculty can attend only the first workshop if desired, but participants must have attended the first session to attend the second.

For more information on each workshop session and to register, please click here.

Faculty Recognition

At the end of the semester, we want to take a moment to recognize faculty who have completed long-term programming with the center. These faculty members have made a commitment to improving their teaching through extended engagement with and implementation of new pedagogies. We hope you'll congratulate them if you see them.

USG Teaching and Learning Presentations

We offered two Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) this year. The following faculty members presented their FLC projects at the USG conference.


Hiedi Eisenreich, Mathematical Science

Eryn Stehr, Mathematical Science

Elizabeth Sargent, Biology

Tuyin An, Mathematical Science

Francine Baffa, Teaching and Learning

Marchel Ilie, Mechanical Engineering

Flipped Learning

Jody Landon, Health and Kinesiology

Martha Hughes, Foreign Languages

Elizabeth Sargent, Biology

Kristen Ruhland, Marketing

Individual Presentations

We would like to recognize several other faculty members who presented work developed independently from an FLC at the USG Conference.

Hongjie Wang, History

Jackie Kim, Elementary and Special Education

Julie Swanstrom, Philosophy

Katherine Bennett, Criminal Justice and Social and Political Science

Moya Alfonso, Community Health


Our office offers a range of certificates to recognize faculty for dedicating time to growing their knowledge of effective, research-based pedagogical approaches. We want to recognize the faculty for completing a certificate. Congratulations!

Innovations in Teaching

This certificate requires the participant to commit to extensive assignments and at least seven CTE workshops. Thank you for your dedication.

Noriko Kolbe, Foreign Languages

Teaching Toolbox

We had over 40 faculty members complete our Toolbox training. Thank you for participating.

Teaching Online Certificate

We had over 55 faculty members complete our Teaching Online course. Thank you for participating.

Blended Course Design Institute

Barry Crocker, Information Systems

Marcel Ilie, Mechanical Engineering

Patsy Kraeger, Public & Nonprofit Studies

Marcel Maghiar, Civil Engineering & Construction Management

Samuel Opoku, Health Policy & Management

Pete Rogers, Civil Engineering & Construction Management

Diana Sturges, Health & Kinesiology