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The video is only 20 dislikes : I do not like some scammers are going to be smart enough to order. Two million views fraud, only 20 gave me the knife. In fact, millions of people saw the video, they have a few thousand thumbs down button. That is how things work on YouTube.

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Only 489 of the video : See more buy youtube views review of this number does not jive. Again, this is an example of the need to use Final Cut King. Here 's one of her videos that received 2.5 million views. It is close to 6,000 comments ( and likes / dislikes 30,000. ) Must come from a different account for each concept and ideas to be transmitted in the days and weeks since realistically Comments will buy youtube views review be very difficult to fake.

So buy youtube views review here's the basic stats looks very different. See what else we can find the video data to drill down a little deeper. You can view a video of some of the symbols you 'll see if you are covered. If you buy youtube views review click on the icon that looks like a bar with a bunch of extra stats pop -up. See more statistics that are in you tube you get-rich- quick real estate video, click on the Data button, and this is what you see. I found the arrow represents an enormous red flag.

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Now we 're getting into the really good stuff. The data came from the fact that 2.1 million views shows us all. It 's someone who ordered the fake shots all sites or pages it will be like, you can tell right away that it should be. But it would have been best sellers display their false ways to disguise the origin of the shots came from. Buy youtube views review they are the number one way to do it, I thought the shots came from YouTube tricking is a " mobile device.

It's actually 2.1 million people have watched this video on their iPhone, 70 % saw that it is possible for that 's just ridiculous. And the number of Facebook and Twitter are the most almost certainly buy youtube views review fake. The display shows a lot of vendors, it seems natural that the popular social media sites, catch, because those sites to embed their videos. If the video footage is fake, the video was probably secretly embedded in all the other sites listed. After all, how the hell did you do that on iTunes or LastFM can get thousands of views of a YouTube video

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