Culture/Ethnic Dance: Tango

By:Letisia Flores

Where did Tango dance originate from? When did it originate?

In the 1900's, Tango had originate from Buenos Aires (Argentina) then when years passed by Tango had started to spread.

What is the background and history on how Tango developed?

In the 1800's African slaves was brought to Argentina. The word "Tango" means in African origin "closed space", or from Portuguese it's a latin verb "to touch".

Fun Fact!

By the year 1913 Tang was all over the world.

Explain the culture and how it connects to dancing.

Before the arrival of Tango, couple dance was sequence based, with every couple on the floor dancing the same steps at the same time, this is how the couple dancing started.

What skills are required to master the Tango?

-Navigational Devices


-back step

-use of compressed basic

-use of walking step

-moving back achos

-connection between back achos & cross foot walking

-Structural Element of Tango

-Figures &patters


-Element of composition





-Combination that fits good togather

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How is culture involved? What does dance mean? Describe the movement and how culture is represented.

Culture is involved by the music. To me dance means a way to express yourself through movement. It can also teach us a lot about how to grow as people, individually and in relationship.
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Fun Fact!

Tango was only the third dance in history to be performed with the man and woman. The first Tango song was written and published in Argentina named "Toma maté, ché".

Some Different Types of Tango!

  • Tango Vals
  • Tango Argentino
  • Tango Canyengue
  • Tango Oriental Urvgvayan
  • Tango liso
  • Tango salon
  • Tango orillero
  • Tango camacupense (Angola)