Make a huge diffents


Every thing that we will say

We need pillows to sleep on and do are best when we go to sleep.And we need our own pillow.Children need to sleep to grow and be healthy their rest of their life.We need 40 pillows for homeless kids at day spring.You can make kids happy and sleep well.And if we have a lot of sleep we will get healthy.

And five year old and twelve year old need sleep for an hour because after two weeks they will be mad.

And some pillows are cheap to buy and they cost $4.00 to $6.00.Every kid needs there own pillow because kids might get sick if they use somebody else pillow.People can"t without a pillow.

Pillow"s are fluffy as a cloud for kids that live in day spring. Kids are getting headache when they use other pillows.

Day spring center in Indianapolis is low on pillows.