Latest hair transplant treatment

Latest hair transplant treatment in Pakistan 2013

Pakistan is one of those countries where all types of hair surgical treatments can be found. These surgeries are available in leading hair transplant clinics located in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. From last decade, these clinics are providing all the newer and traditional surgical treatments to the patients. Follicular unit transplant was introduced in the country in early 2000s. It was preferred by many people at that time because it helps in permanent hair restoration. After this treatment, follicular unit extraction was offered to the bald and hairless patients a few years ago. This surgery helps the patients that want to get a less scarring treatment. But now with the advancement in medical sciences, the newer methods are introduced in the country for the bald patients. It is claimed that in the year 2013, many new surgeries will be obtainable by the patients in the country.

There is a huge competition in transplant industry of Pakistan. Clinics want to give all the latest surgeries to the patients. Each of them wants to attract a huge number of bald patients from all over the country and also from the other countries around the globe. With the start of New Year, they are planning to learn the new procedure and to buy the tools and instruments used during the newer surgeries. Now the follicular unit extraction, the scar free method of hair restoration surgery is obtainable with the help of robotic devices. These devices are manually operated. These help the surgeons in accurately and precisely performing a hair restoration surgical treatment in his patients. These machines are introduced in annual meetings of International Hair Restoration Society during the 2008 and 2009. Treatments through these machines can be accessible in the United States, the United Kingdom and other European countries.

These surgeries through robotic devices will be available in most of the hair transplant clinics in Pakistan. A very few clinics in the Lahore are using these tools in performing FUE surgery on the patients. ARTAs System was introduced into leading hair clinics of the world in the year 2011. Very soon this machine will be therein all renowned hair loss clinics of this country. This machine has got its approval from the Food and Drug Association of the United States. It is an image guided machine that helps the surgeon in making the video of different areas of the patient’s scalp. With help of this machine, surgeon can harvest FUE grafts from the hair within a very few time. It also helps in minimizing the scarring. This machine is also helpful for the surgeons who want to lower the transaction rate during the treatment. This machine is only helpful in harvesting of follicles. Surgeons have to create the recipient sites through manual procedure.

Noe graft will also there in the leading hair loss clinics of Pakistan in this year. It is suction based system that extracts and implant the hair grafts during the. First of all the hair follicles are extracted with a sharp punch that is connected with the suction unit. When the follicles are harvested, they entered into the suction tube from where they are placed into the Petri dish. The follicles are later injected into the balding portions with the help of this machine. SAFE System is an instrument that is helpful in providing the FUE surgery with less trauma. This newer device will also available in leading hair loss clinics of the country during this year. 3-syep and RotoCore are other machines that will be soon providing the treatments to the patients in Pakistan.

Bald and hairless patients have many expectations from Latest procedures of FUE hair transplant in Pakistan because they can get the newer surgeries on cheap price. Fue hair transplant in Lahore is frequently performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry, a well known surgeon.