Staff News #8

Windermere Primary School

CST Visit 12/2/2015

Today's CST visit was adjusted and did not include walkthroughs. Lisa, Alan and I met with Christy Growt, our CST leader, and created our next action plan with a new CST focus. Because of the success we are having with Success Criteria (Ha Ha, that's funny!) and based on the feedback from our last PD Meeting, we have chosen to work on the implementation of Frequent Talk. We are well on our way to utilizing this strategy but our goal is to increase the percentage it is observed in our walkthroughs from 34% to 55%. Of course, we will keep practicing Success Criteria throughout the year and beyond.

The Siegel Family is off to Disney World! We are leaving this afternoon and will return to school on Tuesday.

Windermere Primary PFamily PFun

If you haven't heard, we are planning a fun outing on December 16th after school. I want ALL staff members to attend, so please start making plans. We will be leaving the school for this fun, but will return by 4:30pm. I will be sending more information with a few more details next week.

Don't these two look awesome on Veteran's Day! And maybe a little like a flag, too!

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Every child who walks through your door is someone's most important person.