Teacher Spotlight - Stephanie Smith

Physical Science

Stephanie can give us all a lesson in time management! She has five children (ages 24, 22, 19, 16, and 11) one 2 year old granddaughter, and a grandson due January 3rd. She says, and I am sure it is true!, "Our house is loud and busy when they are all home!"

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Stephanie's Teaching Strategy

Stephanie teaches Physical Science. When asked which teaching strategy she uses and loves, her response (below) shows why she is so good at what she does:
"I love to relate what they are learning about to their lives. I believe it helps them remember the lessons and it can potentially save lives when they wear their seat belts (Newton's Laws), shake their medications (suspensions), and remember to not mix Clorox and Windex (chemical reactions) when cleaning!"

What does Stephanie think is the primary key to success for an online teacher?

Balance and routine! I taught online this summer, but this is my first semester teaching online while working. It has been challenging to balance my F2F school responsibilities, my NCVPS responsibilities, my family responsibilities, and still have time to take care of myself! Once I was able to establish a routine for what I do when, I was much more comfortable and less overwhelmed!