Demonstration Plan-Rich Tasks

Tranjot Bhela @ Multi-Specialty Medical Clinic

Date: June 4th 2015

Time of Demo: 12:00-12:30 PM


I will be teaching you how to register patients, how to locate and print requested reports, how to test urine samples, how call-ins are done and how to drop off patients to assigned rooms.


I have chosen these specific tasks because this is a demonstration of how the clinic runs on a daily basis. If either task was to be left incomplete it can disrupt the way the clinic works and cause chaos among the patients. To ensure patient satisfaction it is necessary for all these tasks to be done at a fast pace. Each task holds importance as it saves the doctors and patients time. It takes various skills to complete tasks in a clinic. The registration process includes skills such as computer skills, organizational skills and communication skills. Finding results uses skills like documentation and data analysis.

Registering patients: This is a really significant task because doctors do not look at patients unless they have been registered. Many chronic conditions appear on the database so the doctor has some access to prior serious health conditions. Also, during this process the receptionist asks for symptoms, which determines which doctor the patient will be sent to.

Testing urine samples and locating results in time makes the wait time go by faster. Without these the patient has nothing to consult about other than their symptoms but there is no recorded evidence of what may possibly be wrong.

Call-ins is there to inform patients to come in for a follow-up regarding their results. This saves both the patient’s and doctor’s time. Patients don’t have to wait in the clinic not knowing if their result is ready or not.

Running allows the main waiting area to remain empty. Often patients get worried looking at all the patients sitting in the main waiting area however, we always have from 4-6 doctors available which decreases the wait time effectively.

Registering Patients

1.Greet the patient
2.Ask for health card
3.Ask them what’s wrong and for symptoms
4.Note down symptoms on sticky
5.Swipe the card and print out chart give it to the patient if there isn’t a rush
6.Then search up the patient on visual practise and chronic care patient
7.Stamp if needed and write on chart indicating if it’s a new or old patient
8.Attach health card with chart if it was kept and put it in the bin to be forwarded to the back


  1. Look at sticky to determine what test it is
  2. For blood, urine etc either check the online website, lab folder or call the laboratory
  3. Print out results
  4. Attach them behind the chart
  5. Stamp “results attached” to the front and back of the chart
  6. Place chart and results on the team leader desk


1.Stamp result if required

2.Call number listed on result

3.Introduce yourself over the phone

4.Ask if the patient is there reading scripted message

5.Inform patients to come in for a follow-up regarding their result

6.Answer any questions asked

7.End conversation and say goodbye

Testing Urine Samples

1.Wear gloves

2.Bring urine sample to the back and place it on the counter

3.Check the label to determine which test is to be done

4.For drivers, leave the sample on the counter, for UTI take out one testing strip from the UTI bottle and for pregnancy take one strip out from bottle.

5.Dip strip into the urine for about 10 seconds.

6.Place bottle into the other urine bin and place strip on lid

7.Inform team leader the urine test has been done

Running Patients

1. Pick up the chart in the been

2. Call the patient listed on the chart

3. Take the patient to the assigned room

4. Explain any clinic handouts if provided

5.Place chart in the bin outside the doctors room

6.Ask the patient to have a seat

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Required Materials:

  1. Pen
  2. Stamps (chronic care, results, call-ins)
  3. Sticky notes
  4. Paper and charts
  5. Computer database
  6. Urine testing strips for the UTI and Pregnancy
  7. Gloves
  8. Paperclips

Special Instructions

Please do bring a pen with you!